Wedding List - Mr & Mrs Bateman

Having our lovely friends and family there to enjoy the big day is the most important thing to us, however, a few of you have been asking so...

As some of you may know, we have a rather exciting honeymoon booked. We're setting off on the Monday after the wedding on a three week grand tour of Europe by rail! On our journey there are many exciting things we would like to see and do. Some of these are a bit pricey so we think the easiest thing is to ask people for contributions, however, we'd love for your input so please indicate which of the below trips you'd like your money to go towards(a note with the present will be fine).

  • Berlin- A Trabant Safari of East Berlin
  • Vienna - The Opera, a Carriage Trip around the City and wine tasting
  • Venice - A gondola ride (of course) and a personal guided tour
  • Lake Como - Hire a speedboat for the day
  • Paris - A evening at the Moulon Rouge and a river cruise down the Seine

Alternatively for the old school amongst you we've included a list of items we'd like for the house.

If you'd like to choose something from the list we'd appreciate it if you'd could contact Sue Bateman ( 286462)so she can remove the item from the list.